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With today’s technology, modern plumbing systems can be remarkably resilient. But that does not mean that they won’t fail. One can still run into problems from time to time, especially if you don’t attend to its regular maintenance needs. Recognizing early signs of damage in your plumbing now can save you from costly total replacement or further damage in the future. Here are the signs that will tell you it’s time for plumbing repair service.

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Damp Basement

The plumbing system in your building has one main job to perform – to take water to where it is needed in your home and then take it to the sewage. When it stopped doing its job, it can result in unpleasant inconvenience and costly damage. When you start to notice dampness in your basement, it is a prominent sign that there might be a problem in your water system and you need to schedule a plumbing repair service now.

Gas Problems

When you think of plumbers, you might come to the conclusion that they are water experts. But they are actually piping professionals too, which includes working in gas pipelines. When you suspect a leaking gas in your home, call a professional plumber right away. A leaking gas is extremely hazardous for your household and property. It can result in serious health risk and even a disastrous fire if left untreated.

Slow or Clogged Drains

Are your drains clogged again? It might be time to give up using that store-bought chemical you use to resolve your clogging drain problem and seek professional help now. You might have already spent a significant amount of time and money trying to fix it on your own. With a reputable professional, you can be assured that the problem will be fixed right the first time. It would not only be a temporary fix but a permanent solution.

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If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs in your plumbing system, never hesitate to give DKS Plumbing and Filtration LLC a call today. We provide impeccable plumbing repair service in Midwest City, OK and the neighboring areas. For inquiries, contact us at (405) 408-9243!


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